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Weight Management

Weight Loss or Weight Management
Heard of the NHS weight loss plan - Eatwell Guide? It is the national roll-out of a 12-week guide to losing weight and will, hopefully through education, make the nation more resilient to the pandemic in 2020. If you are overweight or obese, you are at the risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and possibly cancers. 
Body weight composes the weight of of water, muscles and fat. One of the fastest way to achieve weight loss in short-term is to cut carbohydates, as one gram of carbs removal will lead to the excretion of around three grammes of water.  However, weight loss due to the loss of water, instead of the loss of fat is not desirable for most people.
On the other hand, some people choose to have less calorie intake and do frequent, fat-burning exercises at the expenses of strength training. This will lead to weight loss of muscles and insufficient intake of macronutrient. Losing muscle tissue due to incorrect dieting will affect your body's metabolism and insulin sensitivity. 
If the above weight loss methods are not what you want, you are probably looking for a weight management programme that can achieve weight loss of fat, particulary visceral fat (fat around your belly driving inflammation and diseases) whilst keeping you a healthy lifestyle on a sustainable basis. 

Key Components for Choosing a Suitable Dieting Programme 

What confuses people is that there are lots of diets such as Keto, Mediterranean, Mayo, Paleo, P.E. etc., keep flushing into the market. We would, therefore, suggest you to choose the programme which includes the following key components:

1) Reasonable weight loss expectation

2) Diet that fits with your preferences

3) Keeping your favourite foods

4) Focus on changing in both eating and activity patterns

5) Keep track of your diet

6) Keep track of your weight

7) Accountability support  


My Testimonial 

"People expected me to post pre-and-post weight loss pictures so as to impress others. No, no, that isn't my style. In fact, I have always been a positive and sporty type of person. Having been trained and worked as an ex-Royal Hong Kong Police Inspector and acquired my Personal Trainer certification many years ago, fitness and health seemed to be part of my lifestyle." 

"It wasn't until my life hit rock bottom that affected drastically my overall well-being. My aging and menopause symptoms had further aggravated my emotions and life in general. I had insomnia, cold limbs, osteoporosis, lower back pain, eczema, ovarian cysts. I had no motivation to do work out, to keep my healthy diet and to meet people at all. I had been depressed most of the time."

"Until one day, I suddenly realised that I had to be upbeat. Nobody could really help me except me, myself. From then onwards, I kept searching for remedies so as to help restore my youthful fitness and health. I want to be whom I used to be. Eventually, I have found my best weight management programme - ageLOC TR90. I have realised that my years of less-than-optimal nutrition and lack of sufficient physical activity could steadily damage my aging body, and when toxic stress hit high on you, it sets the stage for chronic diseases."    

Why ageLOC TR90?


"A simple answer is: it is safe and effective. Firstly, the ageLOC TR90 is the only weight management programme, so far, that has entered into the Physicians' Desktop Reference (PDR) which can ensure its safe consumption. Secondly, it is the only genetic weight management system that has effectively transformed my body composition and kicked start my lifestyle change in 90 days. It includes four proprietary nutritional products and an eating plan, along with exercises and lifestyle suggestions to help me reach my goal." 



32 years old, New York, USA

51 years old, Belfast, UK

ageLOC TR90 At A Glance

ageLOC TR90 Product


ageLOC TR90 includes a powder mix-in beverage supplement known as ageLOC TR90 JumpStart, two encapsulated dietary supplements known as ageLOC TR90 Fit and ageLOC TR90 Control, and ageLOC TR90 TrimShakes formulated to meet specific protein requirements. The ageLOC TR90 JumpStart is used during the first 15 days of the program.

Eating Plan

The eating plan provides optimal portions of protein, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates based on hand sizes so intake is proportional to an individual's body size. The central design of the eating plan is to create a caloric deficit without creating a protein deficit, with the intent to minimize diet-induced lean muscle loss, and increase healthy metabolism.

Key Points of the Eating Plan

Emerging weight management research indicates that most westernized diets consume adequate daily protein but only with the largest meal of the day (typically dinner). Key points of the TR90 eating plan include:  

1) Equal distribution of protein intake among each of three daily meals (approximately 30 grams of protein per meal),

2) Limiting the intake of excess carbohydrates including grains, pastas, and breads,

3) Consuming small healthy snacks two to three times each day, 

4) Consuming large portion sizes of fruits and vegetables to remain in line with recommended intakes of 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.


Exercise recommendations strive for regular physical activity from aerobic and resistance training.


ageLOC TR90 is a program designed to create a healthy body transformation. The ageLOC TR90 program helps support:

1) Maintenance of lean muscle, 

2) Increase healthy metabolism,

3) Improve mood and mindset,

4) Reduce cravings.

Our Walk with You

If you have a weight loss or weight management need or desire, you are more than welcome to speak to us for further information. Our experience has told us that an enjoyable and effective weight management programme requires at least 3 elements:

1) Safe and effective weight management products

2) Suitable dieting and exercise programme

3) Accountable team guides and players    

Through coordinated activities such as running online and on-the site seminars, educational workshops, and regular meet-ups, we are dedicated to assist you to achieve your goals. 


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