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Therapeutic massage is a very popular form of pain and stress alleviation both in the East and West. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adopts massages as a way of healing tradition for centuries. Spa316 offers massages of different variations and combinations in order to accommodate your needs and preferences. 

1. Head, Neck & Shoulder Series

2. Foot & Hydrotherapy Series

3. Full Body Series

We also offer the latest technology to help reduce chronic and acute conditions such as headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, low back pain, frozen shoulder, stress-related tension, just to name a few.  


Massage helps release toxins from your soft tissues, so we recommend that you drink plenty of water after to flush toxins out of your system.   

Healing Touch Therapy_1

Head, Neck & Shoulder Series

Chinese Scalp Scraping "Gua Sha" & Massage

By using a piece of jade stone, the scalp will be scraped gently. The treatment can relieve pain from headaches and migraines.

£25 for 30 mins

Chinese Back & Shoulder Scraping "Gua Sha" & Massage

By using a piece of jade stone, the back, shoulder, and the back of your neck will be scraped gently. The treatment stimulates blood flow and achieves pain relief. 

£30 for 30 mins, £35 for 45 mins

Reflexology Therapy

Foot & Hydrotherapy Series

Reflexology with Foot Hydrotherapy Spa

A powerful Chinese form of preventative treatment. Different areas of the feet correspond to the respective organs in the body. The treatment includes a 15-minute ultrasonic foot spa that increases the blood circulation and removes body toxins, plus 45 minutes of reflexology massage. 

£50 for 60 mins

Acupressure Neck Massage

Full Body Series

Swedish Full Body Massage

Applying massage oil to warm up the muscle tissue and performing different hands-on strokes to break up muscle knots. Such relaxing treatment increases the level of oxygen in the blood and decreases muscle toxins. 

£40 for 60 mins

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Using selected aromatherapy oil blends to apply on the skin delivers a therapeutic effect via aroma inhaling and absorbing through the skin. The massage enhances the lymphatic drainage and stimulates the entire body system. 

£50 for 90 mins

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on deeper layers of muscles and tendons. The treatment is helpful in releasing chronic muscle tension such as lower back pain and stiff necks. 

£50 for 90 mins

Chinese "Jing Luo" Full Body Massage

Very effective treatment for easing pain and helping to restore the body to optimal balance. By massaging on the acupressure points "Xue", the aim is to clear the blocked area along the pathways or meridians "Jing Luo". The flow of air "Qi" and blood can then circulate smoothly in the network of channels and points. The body can maintain a healthy balance of "Yin" & "Yang".

£50 for 90 mins,

£13 for every extra 30 mins 

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