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SG-2000 Ultrasonic Spa Machine & MOYA Herbal Oils 

"The use of water and herbs can cure almost any disease." Sebastian Kneipp (Germany 1821-1897).

The origin of SPA comes from a Latin phrase Solus Per Aqua, which means to achieve health through the use of water. Water goes with the 46 litres per second high speed SG-2000 results in the hydrotherapy spa. Since 1992, SG-2000 spa has proved to be a strong stimulus to ensure an effective immune system, high metabolism and good blood circulation that are essential to prevent diseases.


Sebastian Kneipp Schule, the oldest hydrotherapy institute in the world in Germany, specially formulates 7 essential MOYA herbal oils targeted at the major systems and organs of the body - nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal and muscle structure, circulatory system and the skin.

UFO (Ultrasound, Far-infrared, Ozone) Full Body Spa

A 15-20 minute spa is equivalent to a 3-5 km slow jog in energy exchange and 200-300 calorie loss, thus producing  internal warming, detox, deep cleansing, hydro-massage, body contouring & slimming. After consultation, a suitable combination of oils will be mixed into the spa water, you can then enjoy the most therapeutic and reinvigorating spa! 

£20 for 15 mins, £150 for a course of 10


UFO (Ultrasound, Far-infrared, Ozone) Foot Spa

Suitable for those who have leg or foot injury, arthritis and who are not physically comfortable in taking a full body spa. Highly recommended to take a full course of treatment in order to see the remarkable health improvement.   


£15 for 15 mins, £100 for a course of 10

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