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Girl in New York City




In the 1980s in Hong Kong, there was a little girl who once followed her grandmother to visit an upmarket gym-beauty salon, Phillip Wain. The little girl found it extremely fascinating to play with the adult's gigantic toy machines and felt it magical to see the beautician manage to change her granny's face to an ever-youthful look. She dared to dream about owning such a spellbinding shop when she became a grown-up.

Having gone through the next thirty years of life struggles including financial difficulties, relationship breakup, and losing loved ones, the little girl has grown to become more resilient to life's adversity. She has learned to become more compassionate to others as others have done onto her. The thanksgiving feeling of giving back to society hence becomes a driving force for the girl to move forward that has resulted in the birth of Spa316. 


#Beauty From Within

Here in Spa316, we cherish each individual as we believe that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator. We believe that each one of us has a unique extrinsic and intrinsic beauty yet to be unveiled and nurtured. It is hence our vision to help build your “beauty from within”, a beauty that illuminates from your body, soul, and spirit. Let us be co-partners and start embarking on such a joyful and ever-lasting pilgrimage of faith, hope & love!    

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