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Everyone Communicates, Few Connects

World-renowned leadership expert John Maxwell, in his bestselling book "Everyone Communicates, Few Connects", reveals Maxwell's 5 Principles and 5 Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting.

The 5 Principles of Connecting:

1) Connecting increases influence in every situation

2) Connecting is all about others

3) Connecting goes beyond words

4) Connecting always requires energy

5) Connecting is more on skills than talents

The 5 Practices of Connecting:

1) Finding common grounds

2) Keeping communication simple

3) Capturing people's interest

4) Inspiring people

5) Staying authentic in all relationships 

Put Others' Interest First 

"Maxwell's book gives me a lot of reflection, as I have become cognizant of my failure in connecting with others. I have failed to allow myself to engage in any empathic processes as I have been too selfish to put my goals first. In one of my little business ventures years ago, I chose the phrase "serve to connect" to connote a humble idea of putting others' interests as our priority. I had to forcibly train myself in this morally right direction. After years of drilling, I have made some progress in my connecting skills."


Sync In Rapport & Work In Concert


"My breakthrough in connecting skills has given me the ability to "sync in" to others naturally. I could create a rhythm of similar behavioural cues that orchestrate a wonderful harmony with my clients. The rapport synergy reduces the distance between us. Our therapist-client relation has gradually turned into a mentor-mentee and/or buddy-buddy relationship. 

As the years go by, our mirroring to one another gives us mutual growth development. We share similar values in health and beauty, business, and life in general. The "sync in" rapport relationship has become working in concert togetherness that has taken us into another level of lifelong learning and legacy-making threshold."   


More Blessed to Give than to Receive 

"My breakthrough in connecting skills has also opened my eyes to see the world's needs. Wealth is not counted by how much you save, it is counted by how much you give proportionately. As a profit-making business, it is our privilege for Spa316 to make reasonable earning so as to maintain our modest lifestyle. We believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. If we have the ability to give to those who are in need, we'd better give. We are a regular donor of Tearfund, a charity that aims to end poverty worldwide, and UNICEF, a charity that aims to keep children safe worldwide. We occasionally help organise and participate in mission trips." 


Hands in the Soil
Hands Holding Wooden Plate

Establish the Work of Our Hands

"We treasure our hands. Our profession and life require us to use our hands all the time. Hands can help us to contribute good or bad vibes, to work for a good cause or work for greedy gains, to frugally spend money or lavishly evaporate money.

Using our hands to our utmost ability so as to earn money, and hence, to give away part of our savings and our talents to help is a continuous, recycling blessing." 



Praying Hands

Learning & Fellowship Hub


#establish the work of our hands

#more blessed to give than to receive

#put others' interest first

#sync in rapport and work in concert

Here in Spa316, we provide a learning and fellowship hub for those who share our vision of "beauty from within" and our values of "establish the work of our hands", "more blessed to give than to receive", "put others' interest first", and "sync in rapport and work in concert".    


We regularly host online and offline workshops, courses, and meetings both locally and worldwide. If you are interested to know more about our activities, you are welcome to follow our website and social media connection.  

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