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Wondering how the Asians practice their face and self-care nowadays, how a Chinese-run Spa salon works in a multi-cultural city of Belfast is like, how relaxing and effective the oriental treatment is going to be. If these are your questions, you are so welcome to come to us and pamper yourself today! 

  1. Spa316 Signature Series

  2. Bio-zone (B-Tech Lab, USA) Series

  3. Hydrodermabrasion (Korean Tech) Series

We also offer some specialities and add-ons, please contact us for more details.

Spa316 Signature Series

Re-energizing Facial

This facial is a soothing escape, which is perfect to relax and revive your wellbeing in the hustle and bustle of city life. Treatment includes deep cleansing, hydrating toning, revitlising masque, gentle pore extraction and nourishing moisturing. 

£30 for 40 mins, £125 for a course of 5


Aromatic Facial

Immersing yourself into a natural realm of aromatherapy treatment. Applying the plant-based essential oil blends, treatment includes natural cleansing, herbal toning, customised masque, gentle pore extraction, accupressure facelift massage to increase skin elasticity and contouring, nourishing cream to restore your skin's natural radiance. 

£40 for 60 mins, £165 for a course of 5

Personalised Facial

A bespoke facial speciality tailor-made to suit your skin care needs at this season of life. Your therapist will analyse your skin and decide on specific products that will deliver the best results to meet your desire. Treatment includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, selected double masques, deep pore extraction, essence penetration, face massage, neck and shoulder massage and moisturing.

£45 for 90 mins, £200 for a course of 5

Beauty Model
Bio-Zone (B-Tech Lab, USA) Series

Bio-zone embraces the nanotechnology, which optimizes the delivery of laboratory-derived anti-oxidants and nutrients to be penetrated into the deeper layers of skin cells. Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation can be achieved effectively via nanoparticle cellular repair. All Bio-Zone treatments include deionized water spa cleansing , amino silk acid gel soothing to regulate the sebum secretion and balance your pH level, customised masque, deep pore extraction, oriental facelift massage, therapeutic neck & shoulder massage and Coenzyme Q10 cream to reduce free radical damage.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Bio-Zone sensitive serum infusion is to be applied to repair damaged skin, prevent the loss of elastin and activate the production of collagen. 

£48 for 90 mins, £215 for a course of 5


Acne Skin Facial

Bio-Zone acne serum infusion is to be applied to cleanse pore-clogging residues, boost the immune system and reduce skin allergy. 

£48 for 90 mins, £215 for a course of 5

Whitening Skin Facial

Bio-Zone whitening serum infusion is to be applied to restore a balanced skin tone, remove skin blemishes and give a translucent facial complexion. 

£55 for 100 mins, £250 for a course of 5


Face Massage
Hydrodermabrasion Facial (Korean Tech) Series
Nano Bubble technology gives deep skin cleansing without pain; Ultrasound Handle promotes microcirculation and improves skin colour; Oxygen Spary delivers essence into deep skin layers and increases subcutaneous oxygen absorption; RF Radio Frequency rejuvenates skin and balances skin texture; Bio Microcurrent Handle eliminates wrinkles, reduces eye circles and gives lymphatic detoxification; LED light masking removes spots, reduces skin pigmentation and enhances collagen growth. 
3-in-1 treatment, £60 for 100 mins
1 additional treatment, £8 for 20 mins



Speciality / Add-Ons

UFO Hydrotherapy Full Body Spa

£20 for 20 mins, £15 add-on with face/body 

UFO Hydrotherapy Foot Spa

£15 for 15 mins, £10 add-on with face/body


Deep Pore Extraction

 £8 for 15 mins, £5 add-on with face/body

Full Radiant Eye Treatment

Treatment includes eye and face cleansing, eye masque, eye serum and eye firming massage, to improve blood circulation, eliminates dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. 

£25 for 35 mins, £20 add-on with face/body

Radiant Eye Firming Massage

£15 for 20 mins, £12 add-on with face/body

Radiant Eye Masque & Eye Serum

£10 for 15 mins, £8 add-on with face/body

Eyebrow Tweeze

£8 for 15 mins, £5 add-on with face/body

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